Body Attack Creaz 100 caps

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Creaz from Body Attack stands for anhydrous creatine. It is part of the newest creatine form, stronger than conventional forms presently available on the market. This is possible through a cutting-edge production process. This takes place by dissociationg the water molecule from the creatine-monohydrate, so the creatine can be utilised in a free and highly concenrated form for the first time.

Significantly more effective: Up to 30% more creatine makes it into your muscles. 

The training muscles respond better to this form of creatine as they can only utilise this form effectively for the build-up of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). CREAZ from Body Attack leads to a faster charge of muscle creatine, through which the increase in high-speed strength performance in strength and sprint training is accelerated. Muscles are more resilient to an intensive workout, making it easier to reach training goals.

Product highlights:

  • Supplies up to 30 % more pure creatine 
  • 100% active ingredient for your muscles
  • Monohydrate-free formula (anhydrous creatine)
  • In vegan DRcaps®
  • Purest and unbound form of creatine
  • DRcaps® protect the active ingredient from stomach acid
  • DRcaps® only begin to dissolve in the small intestine
  • Enough for 4 weeks’ usage
  • Made in Germany
  • In Maxi Caps
  • Pharmaceutical quality
  • Product on the Cologne List