Benecos Natural Concealer - 5 ml

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This everyday essential can be used to hide dark circles and lighten areas around the eyes and nose making you look more awake. For a lifting effect apply the natural concealer in a triangular shape below the eye and blend towards the cheeks. Long Night? If you need more coverage to even out your complexion then for apply it onto of make up and set with powder.

  • Light is suitable for use on fair skin tones.
  • Beige is suitable for use on medium - dark skin tones 
  • Benefits of Benecos Natural Concealer: 
  • Covers blemish's, redness or imperfections 
  • Contains natural & organic ingredients 
  • Covers dark circles under eyes 
  • Long lasting coverage 
  • Colour blends into your personal skin tone 
  • Moisturisng effect on the skin 
  • Create a flawless base