Biotech Amino Essentials 300g

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Each portion of Amino Essentials is fully loaded with BCAAs, L-Glutamine, Essential Amino Acids, as well as MSCL Support and essential vitamins and minerals. Like all BioTech USA products, Amino Essentials consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients. BCAA 2:1:1 & L-GLUTAMINE With a BCAA ratio of 2:1:1 this blend effectively supplements your daily intake of proteins with vital Amino acids. ESSENTIAL AMINO BLEND While Non-essential Amino Acids (NAAs) may be produced by your body, Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) can only be supplied in the diet. Amino Essentials solely consists of important Essential Amino Acids. MSCL SUPPORT Additional Nitric Oxides, Buffered Creatine, and Taurine will be your true partner during workout and after. VITAMINS & MINERALS Essential Vitamins and Minerals to support performance. Magnesium and Vitamin B12 and B6 helps the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Calcium and potassium contribute to normal muscle function.