Body Attack Low Sugar Protein Cookies 115 g

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The perfect protein alternative to protein shakes

The Body Attack Protein Cookie has a soft texture, tastes fantastic and will put an end to your sugar cravings in an instant. A single cookie (75g) supplies your body with an incredible 40 g of Protein, which is nearly twice as much protein as you get from a protein shake. In addition, the cookie comes with over 5 g of BCAA, i.e. the amino acids highly popular among strength and endurance athletes. 

A further special feature are the cookie´s protein sources such as milk proteins and enzymatically hydrolysed whey protein Isolate. Among proteins, they belong to those with the highest biological value. This combination of high-quality proteins enables the supply of valuable BCAA in your daily diet. 

The perfect protein alternative to protein shakes.

Product Highlights

  • 40 g protein per cookie
  • Supplies the body with beneficial milk Protein
  • Contains whey protein isolate (Optipep)
  • Only approx. 1g sugar
  • Over 5g BCAA
  • Contains high-quality oatmeal 
  • Great taste