Lavera Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow Quattro - Cappuccino Cream - 4x0.8g

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Perfectly matched, the Quattro eyeshadows conjure up a professional colour result. The silky texture can be easily applied on the eyelids and guarantees long-lasting colour results for a fantastic look. The dreamlike texture of the eyeshadow with natural, mineral pigments, provides a silky smooth finish and impressively long-lasting colour brilliance. Can be applied either dry or as a broad eyeliner when using a damp brush.


•These Illuminating Eyeshadows are made with vegetable glycerin to help soften 
   and soothe the skin.
•Seaweed powder is added to provide antioxidant protection while soothing and 
   calming the skin.
•Shimmer effect is from mica and all pigments are from natural minerals.